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An Overview of Virtual Event Software Platforms

After what feels like an eternity of the lockdown period, Covid-19 has resulted in a ban on face to face events since March 2020, pushing all meetings and events online – creating the virtual experience. Some have been more successful than others, largely due to the following few reasons: Copying & pasting the whole live…
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Events Programme

SMMEs will have access to a series of events and workshops as well as; Master-classes, Meet-the- buyer events, Round Table discussions and Networking events with buyers and suppliers to support business growth and enhance their competitiveness.

Partners & Programmes

East London Business Place continuously seeks opportunities to expand its programme portfolio. We work with a wide range of delivery partners to facilitate this. Find out about current and future programmes and how we can help.

Building Legacies Programme

Building Legacies is a business growth and procurement programme which provides tailored solutions for SMMEs and start-up businesses, predominantly but not exclusively in construction, digital/creative and care-related sectors.