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Director’s Blog – December 18

Director’s Blog – December 18

Well it’s that time of year again, and like the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day, I thought I’d get in early and do my own ‘address to the ELBP nation’ well in advance of everyone starting to wind up and wind down in time for those well-deserved festive celebrations!

Not only have we had a FANTASTIC year, culminating in our monumental 10 (yes TEN!) Years of ELBP networking celebration attended by over 150 people up in Space39,  we also managed to smash all our targets for the current phase of our Building Legacies support programme, well in advance of Phase 2 starting next year.

  1. They (our funders) asked us to put 400 SMEs through a full 12-hours (minimum) coaching & mentoring programme – WE HIT 430!
  2. They asked us to help SMEs create 60 new jobs – WE MORE THAN DOUBLED THAT AND HIT 140!
  3. They asked us to help 95 SMEs introduce ‘new to the firm’ products, processes and service – WE HIT 121!
  4. They also asked us to support 53 new enterprises – WE HIT 62  ….and it’s not even the end of the year yet, so these achievements will go up even more!

To throw in another interesting fact, if you combined what we’ve achieved on Building Legacies and its forerunner programme Fit for Legacy since 2013, we’ve actually supported 987 SMEs, helped create 270 new jobs,  helped safeguard a further 300 jobs and helped SMEs generate a further £21m in new contract wins and work orders!

All in all we’re really pleased with what we’ve achieved in doing our bit to support the growth of the SME economy in east London, not only this year, but right across the 3 year lifecycle of phase one of the Building Legacies programme, and of course we have another exciting 3 years ahead of us.

So NOW is the time when you need to be speaking with your dedicated Building Legacies Business Growth Manager (BGM), and getting next year’s business planning and growth strategies in place, so you can hit the ground running early in 2019.

We are of course putting on a number of great workshops in January to help you do just that, so please keep an eye out for our next newsletters which will tell you what, when and where, so you can get yourself registered and start planning for even more business success in 2019 and beyond.

Of course the ‘B’ word (our dear friend BREXIT!) is the one on everyone’s lips at the moment, so if you have any concerns about how it will impact your business why not join us on Monday 17th December at our Business Beyond Brexit event which is going to be followed by a casual networking gathering at a local ‘hostelry’.

For a while now, we have been working behind the scenes on a ‘SME Marketplace’. Effectively what this will do is give all of our clients the ability to advertise their goods, services and special offers via our website, and we will be backing this up with ‘show and tell’ and ‘supplier showcase’ events where you can meet and network with (and sell to) other SMEs.

While we’re working with you and helping you to capacity-build your business to get you ‘fitter-to-supply’ to larger organisations,  this initiative will allow us to supplement that support in between times, by giving you the opportunity to inter-trade, online and in person, with other SMEs on our database.  We will be trialing the SME Marketplace  on a ‘pilot’ basis during the first half of 2019, so if you are interested in this initiative, we invite you to complete our ELBP Marketplace expression of interest form.

We’d also like to invite you to sign up to our fresh new ELBP newsletter which we will be bringing out in 2019, so you can be kept up-to-date on all our events, networking and new initiatives.

And in case any if you were wondering why you haven’t seen our dear Monowar at the last couple of training events, we are pleased  to announce another new addition to the ELBP ‘family’, as he and his wife have just celebrated the birth of their first son, which follows hot-on-the-heels of the wonderful news we had back in August when our dear Mabz and his wife also celebrated the birth of their daughter.

With all that we have achieved, it does of course now fall upon me to thank you for the amount of time, effort and hard work you have put in on your ELBP and  Building Legacies journey with us all throughout the year, and to wish you, your family, your staff and your colleagues a very joyful and peaceful festive season, and all the very best for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Happy Holidays!

Glen Addis