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Director’s Blog May/June

Director’s Blog May/June

Well well well … surprise surprise … we’re still no further forward on Brexit, and contrary to the way I’ve waxed lyrical about it in my last couple of blogs, I promise this edition will be the last one where I’m going to say anything on the subject, as it looks like we could be in a whole new ball game in June!

Then again, we do have THREE London football teams competing for European football honours over the next couple of weeks, and the only east London team worth mentioning (West Ham of course) finished in the top ten of the Premier League, so let’s celebrate some sporting success, even if the politics are in a right old mess leaving SMEs even more confused!  

Just to prove that good old entrepreneurial SME spirit remains intact despite the ‘B Word’, we had a really fantastic ‘Supplier Showcase over at the Business Lab on May 21st, where we had a fantastic range of diverse business owners networking and promoting all their goods and services.

It seriously restored my faith in human/SME nature, and it was great to see everyone, not only my operational team and the ‘show-casers’ really enjoying all the engagement and B2B/B2C inter-trading going on after all their hard work and preparation, but also all the visitors and members of the public who came in.

We also took the opportunity to launch our online #smemarketplace, providing a range of B2B/B2C product and service offerings. You can browse/search the profiles according to sector and borough location so you can see what is available in your local area. Find out more here – elbp.co.uk/marketplace/

Sadly, the Business Lab is now closed, but rest assured that due to the success of this event, we will now be looking to put even more supplier showcases on and take it ‘on the road’ across all the boroughs we work in, so watch this space ….     

You’ll also be pleased to know that we are now recruiting new external trainers and venues for an exciting new workshop and events programme we’ll be putting on from August, so do make sure you keep checking out all our communications – and of course keep liaising with your dedicated Business Growth Manager to see what training is being offered and how we can support you even further in the second half of the year.

If you are trainer, consultant or a venue provider yourself, please feel free to check out the invitations to tender on Contracts Finder.

The following link is for training providers

This link is for venue providers

For anyone operating in the Care sector, we’ve just sent out our recent Care Bulletinwhich once again contains some seriously informative news, advice and opportunities. If you are in the Care business and want access to free business support, just fill in our registration form and our Care sector BGM will get back to you ASAP.

So … yet again another busy month ahead for us all, but let’s not get distracted by what’s going on at government level and keep focused on what’s really important, and that’s to keep developing, keep capacity-building your business, and keep growing.

We’re always here for all your business support needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact your BGM or the main office whenever you need us!

And dare I repeat my old mantra …but if you’re not already a client of ELBP or our Building Legacies programme and you’re looking for FREE business support (and you’re based in either Newham, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Hackney, Havering or Greenwich), please don’t hesitate to contact us on or complete our registration form.

Sun’s out – so have a great June everybody!