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I am a year 10 student from a local East London school and I have been doing work experience with ELBP for a week. I am a very creative, sporty and outgoing person and I enjoy being occupied whether it is with a job, school or a hobby.

My education is very important and valuable to me. I do my best to focus in school and get everything I can out of every lesson I sit so I can aim for top grades. I believe that education isn’t just about getting good grades so you can get a good job with a high pay, it’s about bettering yourself as a person and understanding the history of the world and how the world came to be as it is now.  At school I study Sociology, Art, RE and History along with the core subjects, I study these at GCSE level.

I enjoy school and focus well in every lesson. My strongest and most liked subject is Science; I like Science because it explains many aspects of life and provides evidence for it. The subject I least enjoy is Maths; the hardest part about Maths for me is remembering the equations. Maths problems can be solved for one single answer that is either right or wrong, I don’t like this; I think that subjects such as English and History, where you can detail your answer and express your opinion throughout it, are much better because they reflect more on you and you can develop a personal writing style that best suits you.

I really enjoy Art and I have learnt about and been inspired by many artists. One artist that has really inspired me is Michael Craig Martin, his work consists of random objects such as paper clips and fans coloured with bright, flat colours, most of his paintings symbolise something, which I find very clever.

I never get bored of Martin’s paintings because they are expressive, eye-opening and unique. My favourite painting of Martin’s is ‘Eye Of The Storm’ it consists of many objects thrown on top of each other. Many of the components are out of proportion for example a paper clip is the same size as a light bulb, I like the way he uses bright colours to portray a ‘storm’, which is normally dull . The best thing about Martin’s paintings, for me, is that their meaning could be personal to you and can mould into something different for every person.

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I also ice skate outside of school and do this as a hobby. I have been ice skating for about 6 years and I have loved every second of it. I started off doing figure skating (individual) and eventually joined a synchronised team as well. I train twice a week for figure and once a week for synchro. I attend multiple competitions over the course of the year.  The most important competition is the Synchronised British Championships at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham, here my team and I skate a programme that we have worked on all year to win the title of British Champions. We have been titled British Champions two years in a row 2018-2019. Ice skating has taught me how to commit to something for many years, how to make new friends and how to manage my time so I have time with friends and also enough time to train and to do homework. Ice skating has most importantly taught me  how to work as a team and include everyone else’s opinions as well as mine and also be able to work effectively as an individual and think creatively for myself.


I have been doing work experience with ELBP for a week, already I have learnt so much; more than I expected. I have been shown how to publish blogs and send out newsletters. I have also been taught how to categorise the people on a mailing list to who the email will best apply to.  

I have sent out newsletters and used IT systems such as MailChimp to a certain extent to edit and perfect them. I have also done some research to find the most relevant hashtags and images, which would be added into the newsletter. I also edited and published a ‘top tips’ article on  the Building legacies website, I used IT systems such as Microsoft Word and WordPress to edit the article; adding categories and links. I also found images to represent this article. I have also viewed and took notes of some videos for a YouTube channel. I took notes on the good things and also what could be improved and gave my opinions on what could be done to make the videos look more professional. I have also made decisions on deciding which comments should be featured on the website to promote the workshops.  During my short time at ELBP I have learned many things such as how to use IT systems such as MailChimp and WordPress, how to complete tasks efficiently and to the best of my ability.

I have learnt that patience is a key to learning something new and understanding a new process accurately. Thanks to ELBP I have learnt how to act and work appropriately in a working environment and I have gained a detailed and in-depth insight into what a work environment is like. Most importantly I have recognised that unlike school, where you work for yourself, when you work, you are working for the benefit of the organisation or person you are employed by, which requires dedication and professionalism.