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Healthy Business Lifestyle

Healthy Business Lifestyle

If you’re a business owner, I am guessing that you are immensely proud of what you do, have a passion for your craft and, whilst at times it seems having a business is the hardest thing, you wouldn’t change it for the world.

Having a business is an amazing achievement, but it can also lead to a seriously unhealthy lifestyle if you are not careful – that passion turns into long hours with no work-life balance, the lack of a big team can be lonely, or it can feel like the business is taking over your life.

As someone who has suffered burnout, I know all too well the importance of a balance life and looking after your health. So, when I launched my business last year, I knew that I needed to operate in a way that meant I had a healthy business lifestyle.

To have a thriving business you need to look after your physical and mental health! Don’t think of it as a luxury or nice to have, it is a necessity for the long-term viability of your business, for the benefit of your clients and your happiness.

Here are five simple but effective tips for maintaining a healthy business lifestyle.

Tip One: Start the Day Right

One of the things I know that makes or breaks a day for me is how I start it! When I start the day with intention and positivity, my day seems to go more smoothly and my energy (as well as my tolerance) is higher. Find a morning routine that works for you and your business, so you’re not rolling out of bed and straight into the day. The aim is to create a morning routine that feels uplifting, energising and starts the day off on a positive note. This could include a short meditation, exercise, reading a personal development book, or going for a quick walk.

Tip Two: Enjoy Hobbies

Many people say that they start a business because they want the flexibility and ability to work their own hours. But then business owners often end up working such long hours, becoming so swallowed up in the daily operations, that they feel there is no free time for the other things in life! To maintain a health business lifestyle, aim to have a few hobbies that you can enjoy balancing out business and work, whether that is becoming a black belt in karate or learning to oil paint. It is important to have other things you enjoy and can focus on.

Tip Three: Work in Short, Sharp Bursts

Research has shown that taking breaks is imperative for productivity, so abstain from working long hours, slogging away at your desk without a break. In addition to taking regular ‘brain breaks’ which of course help you focus throughout the day, also factor in short breaks in the week to spend time on non-business things you enjoy (see tip two) as well as longer breaks such as weekends away from work for relaxation and rejuvenation!

Tip Four: Put Your Health First

You might think that as a business owner you should always be putting your business first, but in fact, you need to prioritise your mental and physical health. If you’re off sick with a cold, or unable to focus because you have other things occupying headspace, then you’re not going to be able to operate the business as efficiently and effectively as you could or want to! Your wellbeing is critical for your business in the long run, as well as for you!

There is no magic trick to wellbeing; just make time for the simple things we know we need to do but often don’t do. Drink water, exercise, get a decent amount of sleep, take breaks, do things that make you happy, meditate, eat your greens etc.

Tip Five: Diarise Your Non-Work Time/Activities  

You always diarise your business appointments, so you don’t miss them, right? So why not try diarising your non-work activities? If you don’t make time for things, it will never happen and too often business owners neglect what is important around them, like family, friends and other important commitments. Diarising these activities will this make you more reliable by committing to what you are saying and making you more intentional with your time. This will also he you strike a balance between work and non-work as we stick to what we schedule!

Authors Bio: Alice Dartnell

Alice Dartnell is a Life and Success Coach who specialises in goal planning, how to cultivate a ‘success mindset’, time management/ productivity, forming positive habits and finding your confidence.

Alice coaches and teaches practical advice, which also includes the basics of neuroscience, as she believes that when you understand your brain and how it works, you’re more likely to make transformations and achieve success.

Alice takes a holistic approach to her workshop topics, avoiding PowerPoint and using coaching skills instead to help you get the most from them.

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