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Local SMEs – Staying Resilient – and Giving Back!

Local SMEs – Staying Resilient – and Giving Back!

Tower Hamlets-based Advatech Healthcare Europe Ltd, a client on ELBP’s Building Legacies programme, normally provides specialist transport from home to hospital for vulnerable and disabled people under their Hippo Mobility brand name.

This innovative company had previously equipped all vehicles with medically trained drivers AND video streaming so relatives can check on their loved ones throughout their journeys!.

Unfortunately, since Covid-19 hit they’ve been unable to operate their normal service, so it’s great to see them really giving back and offering free hospital rides and pick up services for people needing prescriptions.

Through the Building Legacies programme, ELBP are helping them to develop new strategies on how to pivot into the ‘new normal’, by assisting them on routes to market with the NHS, and helping them to re-purpose and offer PPE supplies to GP surgeries all across England.