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Looking Forward

Looking Forward


While everyone is settling into what looks like the ‘new normal’ ways of remote working (and of course starting to get to grips with the various business support/relief announcements from the government), we thought it might be an idea to start resetting things a little and thinking about looking forward.   

To start with, and to help stimulate those entrepreneurial SME thought-processes as we head into what looks like another 4 weeks or so of lockdown, we’ve detailed below a few initial  ‘upbeat thoughts’ from  one of Building Legacies’ expert training consultants Sir Henry Boyle, which might just provide a few post-crisis top tips for businesses in some sectors to start considering as we head towards more ‘brighter days’ … hopefully!

We do of course appreciate that for some businesses these types of ideas might seem just that little bit too early or optimistic at the moment, but hopefully they’ll kick-start a bit of business-optimism and fresher thinking as we all head into the weekend.

And of course, if any of this provokes a few new ideas or plans you might want to start looking at, don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated Business Growth Manger (BGM) at your earliest possible convenience … they’ll be only too pleased to help.         


Covid-19 is just about the toughest challenge most of us have ever faced – but as that old saying goes … when the going gets tough, the tough get going, right?

When the economy picks up again, as it inevitably will, many companies and trading organisations will already have gone bust. However, with less competition, the prospects for those of us that are still trading will be better than ever.

Glen Addis and the Building Legacies team have been keeping us all up to date with the Government schemes to help businesses stay afloat and the BGM’s have been sharing good, practical advice with you all … even if it is now on a somewhat ‘remote’ basis!

So right now we should be planning our successful futures … shouldn’t we?

The future shape of the economy may change but that will provide us with new opportunities to trade.

You may know that Social Scientists always say that after a crisis, people want to celebrate and then return with renewed vigour. Here then is our opportunity …

My top tips are:

  1. Decide which business sectors are likely to be the first to recover (you may find these SIC codes helpful)
  2. Examine your current offer of goods/services and see if any of these ‘early recoverers’ are in fact likely customers
  3. Refresh, revitalise and re-configure your goods/services offers to match existing and potential customers’ emerging and changing needs
  4. Consider collaborating with other Building Legacies SMEs that you’ve met at networking events – and don’t forget the ELBP SME Marketplace – a great way to find additional business partners
  5. Review your marketing plan with the results and build-in some new marketing methods (even try resurrecting some old ones like the telephone call!)
  6. Look at your sales strategy. Think yourself in to the shoes of potential buyers – what would turn them on and cause them to now buy from you?

Let’s take one example. Some medium and large city companies are likely to be on your ‘early recoverers’ list and they will be anxious to retain their key staff.

If, for instance, you currently offer an in-office massage service, why not seek to collaborate with, say, an aromatherapist, a music therapist, a mindfulness coach and a creativeness coach to build an offer package (with options) for the city companies – and from which you can all benefit.

At the very least, you will start to build some complimentary contacts and be able to generate some mutual referrals – Win Win!

Finally, why not use some of the current downtime to further develop some existing skills and knowledge – and perhaps take the opportunity to learn some new ones? As my old boss said decades ago, “continual learning equals continual earning”.

Let’s all look forward to better times and plan NOW for ever greater success.


As a Building Legacies client you can contact us for help and advice via emailsocial media and our website. You can also get in touch with your Business Growth Manager (BGM).

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