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Eye Bray Limited

Eye Bray Limited

Eye Bray is a bespoke consultancy business providing support and advice that is appropriate and sustainable for the client.






We think it’s important to be able to get specialist qualified support, no matter what your size. Our flexible pricing plans give you just that. All you need to is decide what plan to use and when to use the time you have purchased. The plan allows for between 15 and 360 hours of support to be purchased each month.

How many more opportunities do you want to miss out on? You can miss less by utilising our flexible pricing plans. There is a contracted option, or a pay as you go option. How they are used is basically the same, it’s just that there’s more benefits using a contract.

Key Plan Features.
Feature Pay-as-you-go Contracted
Regular Statement Yes Yes
Utilise time when it suits you Yes Yes
Discounts Available 2 3
Pre-use Time No Yes
Shortest Session 30 minutes 30 minutes
Longest Session 120 minutes 360 minutes

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