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The  Construction Industry WOW Show is coming on the 27th February at 10am. In this special broadcast and in association with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), The WOW Show investigates the wonder of the built environment and the fantastic array of apprenticeships in construction that are now available for young people. Commissioned by the CITB, this…
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Newham based Digital Skills Solutions are looking for SMEs like yourself, to support and  provide opportunities for our young generation of IT & Digital Interns. We believe that an internship is the perfect way for learners to gain the knowledge and employability skills required to help them progress onto an Apprenticeship. The purpose of the internship…
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Well, can someone please tell me where Christmas and New Year went, as I’ve just turned around, blinked, and we’re already in the second month of the year …and BREXIT’s still rumbling on …!? Even more reason, in my opinion, to start getting your business on a robust footing in readiness for whatever transpires from…
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I am a year 10 student from a local East London school and I have been doing work experience with ELBP for a week. I am a very creative, sporty and outgoing person and I enjoy being occupied whether it is with a job, school or a hobby. My education is very important and valuable…
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As the business owner you must be capable of many things.  You are all of the below and more; Manager / Boss Doing the work Accounts Department Marketing: Adverting / Sales Customers: Meetings / Phone calls / Emails If you consider juggling 5 balls and someone throws another ball in, for a while you will…
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Looking Back to Move Forward

1 week into the New Year and a lot of us are keen to hit the ground running with new goals to achieve and plans being formulated to make this year better than the last. But how can you ‘make things better’?  Well technically you can’t, unless you review your performance from the previous year!…
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Director’s Blog – December 18

Well it’s that time of year again, and like the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day, I thought I’d get in early and do my own ‘address to the ELBP nation’ well in advance of everyone starting to wind up and wind down in time for those well-deserved festive celebrations! Not only have we had a…
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Havering Meet the Buyer Events

Wates Residential is searching for a range of  works suppliers, operating in and around the Havering area, that are interested in learning more about their business, the projects they are delivering locally and how to tender for work. Working in partnership with the London Borough of Havering ,Wates Residential will be delivering around 3,000 homes…
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Thames Tideway Tunnel Opportunities

Visit the Tideway website for procurement opportunities related to the development of the Thames Tideway Tunnel. Regular opportunities are posted here, and to get up to date information directly to your inbox, register for their newsletter.

L&Q Construction Opportunities

With numerous construction sites across London, L&Q are seeking to expand their framework and portfolio of suppliers. If you are in the business of supplying any of the following goods and services to the construction industry and you are looking to grow your business visit the L&Q tendering website, register to apply and search for opportunities…
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