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South London Procurement Network

South London Procurement Network


The South London Procurement Network (SLPN) works with sole traders and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) across all industry sectors in the Borough of Lambeth and also more widely across South London. Its aim is to help them access and bid for contracts large and small both in the public and private sectors.The establishment of the SLPN follows the success of the Canary Wharf Group’s Local Business Liaison Office model which has operated since 1997.

It offers:

  • A free one stop shop for buyers to procure from local suppliers.
  • Alerts to companies regarding tendering opportunities.
  • A funded procurement network team dedicated offering one-to-one advice to buyers and suppliers.
  • Access to a quality database of local suppliers of goods and services for competitive contracts.
  • Measurable results through activity which is tracked, monitored and evaluated allowing businesses to see exactly how much has been spent locally.
  • A proactive calendar of free events covering relevant business areas and anticipating business needs as well as additional promotional assistance for companies


Our services for suppliers include:

  • Free face-to-face business advice
  • Getting your business fit to supply
  • Free events
  • Access to contracts
  • Free promotional assistance


South London Procurement Network provides a seamless offer to buyers through:

  • Face-to-face engagement to understand the buying needs
  • Effective supply chain brokerage
  • Private sector led approach
  • Free events
  • Complementing internal corporate responsibility

To register as a buyer or supplier or both with South London Procurement Network please email to info@slpn.org.uk.

For more information on any of the above, please call us on 0207 902 1171.

Visit: www.slpn.org.uk


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