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Working Start Programme

Working Start Programme

_DSC0311The Working Start Programme is a work paid work placement scheme funded by Tower Hamlets Council which works closely with Skillsmatch, the Councils’ job brokerage service, Jobcentre Plus and other partner organisations to identify and recruit suitable candidates. Trainees are employed by the Council for the period of the work placement and seconded out to private businesses. The team provide support to each participant, providing encouragement and direction where needed.

All of the trainees are residents living in the borough and most are economically inactive (not claiming a benefit). During the induction on to the programme trainees attend a motivational training session called “maximise the moment” which has been developed specifically for this scheme. The project focuses on participants working in the private sector. However, for those who are furthest away from the labour market short term third and public sector placements are provided to support skill development.

Placement opportunities are identified and scoped with the support of East London Business Place, and the Working Start Programme Human Resources Adviser works with the businesses to develop job descriptions.

The host organisation for the placement is involved in the recruitment process by attending the interview to select candidates from the top three applications. Most businesses provide additional support with regards to induction into the position, on the job training required for the placement and access to any other training opportunities available within the company. For those participants who successfully complete their placement, it is hoped that they are considered for any positions that are available within the company.

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